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My Name Is Kimberly Davis and I look forward to serving as your next NY State Senator. 

The North Country needs a State Senator in the majority to ensure equitable access to basic services accorded to other areas of our State. Cell service is lacking in many areas of our region and is a detriment to public safety. Broadband service hasn’t reached many of our communities, negatively affecting local businesses, our seasonal tourist industries, and public health where telemedicine can be a lifeline in rural areas. Environmental protections need to be strengthened to protect our natural assets while pursuing responsible economic growth to keep our young people here. I am seeking your support to be a balanced and fair advocate for our great region!

As Clinton County Treasurer, I introduced ethics reform to the County’s foreclosure process so that public officials with oversight of foreclosure properties cannot bid on them. I’ve capped foreclosure penalties to give those struggling a better chance at saving their home. We have refinanced bonds, saving County taxpayers over $2 million and advised the Legislature on shortened bond terms for further savings and investing funds in higher yield accounts to earn more interest. I will bring the same financial attention to detail to the State Senate, ensuring that your tax dollars are used efficiently and effectively.

I look forward to earning your vote on November 3rd!